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In business for more than 50 years, Plunkett Distributing Company, Inc. provides excellent service and competitive prices on plastic laminate, solid surface, and cabinet supplies. We were founded in 1948 by J. F. Plunkett and incorporated in 1955. We continue to operate today as a family owned business which now extends into the second and third generations. We have continually grown over the years from a one man operation to currently employing approximately thirty employees with two locations. Plunkett Distributing Company, Inc. main focus in the beginning was on plastic laminate and servicing its home market, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Over the years we have continued to add vendor lines and expand our service areas. We now offer a full line of cabinet supplies including lumber products for cabinet construction to compliment our plastic laminate and surfacing products. Our coverage area has expanded to include most of the state of Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, and southern Missouri. We further increased our footprint in the market in 1996 when we opened a new location in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Out of our Tulsa store we service most of northern Oklahoma and extend into southern Kansas. We take pride in offering an extensive delivery service in both markets as well as offering very competitive prices. We are a company that eagerly and thoroughly takes care of the business that we are entrusted with and works continuously and personally with our customers to ensure their growing success. Through our customer success we continue to grow our success.